Client Testimonials

“Dear Wynter, we dine regularly at the finest restaurants in the area, but I want you to know that the meal you delivered to our home last evening was one of the best I've ever had in the six years we've lived in Madison.  Delectable!  You have a gift.  Keep it up!  With Love and admiration.”

-Rich F.

"Wynter cooked for several of my clients.  They all phoned to tell me that the meals they received were gourmet style with the freshest ingredients.  They all loved her and requested her back for further occasions   Wynter is professional in all areas of her work.  I would recommend here for any family or occasion."

-Christine S.


“Amazing dinner tonight!!!  You are so talented Wynter.  Everyone needs to support this talented chef who trained under our own Jacques Pepin.  We had delicious, tender scallops over orzo with a tomato sauce, fresh salad...loved the homemade vinaigrette and extra touches like fresh fennel, fronds and candied nuts.  Perfection!!  Local!! And delivered to our door!!”

-Scott M.

"I have been eating Wynter's food for 12 years.  Whether crudités or a full course meal, Wynter puts her expertise and love in everything she makes!  It turns out to be a wonderful tasting, picture perfect and colorful cuisine!  Highly recommend!!!!!!!!

-Jill S.

Wynter has been an invaluable part of our weekly routine for the past year.  She is an amazing chef and is very skilled at what she does.  She home crafts meals, which include shopping, prepping, cooking, packaging, and delivery, that are delicious, healthy, and nutritious.  There is a wide variety of meals and options (I can honestly say we've not had most meals more than once, unless requested) and they also keep our kids adventurous and open to trying new things. Our whole family LOVES Wynter!

-Jennifer Y.

“Jacques Pepin would be proud of his student.  From the salad and its dressing to the scallops and orzo, everything was top notch.  COVID 19 has us all in so what a blessing to have Wynter's talent for cooking comfort for us all.  Well priced and plenty of food with delivery to our door, what more could we have asked for?"

-Susan L.

“OMG, I just had my first delivery and I have never had a quesadilla this delicious!  Thank you Wynter for the chunky fresh guacamole to go, it was amazing.”

-Beth O.

“Our first Wynter's Whisk meal was phenomenal.  The meal was delicious, portions were amazing, and the price was just right!  Having it delivered to my door was an extra bonus!  Highly recommend.”

-Josie J.

"The dinner that Wynter served was inventive, healthy and attractive.  The best part was that it tasted great."

- John G.


“Wynter is an incredible chef!  Her dishes always taste amazing and the food is so beautifully presented.  It almost feels wrong to eat it!”

-Peggy V.

“When our kiddos were nuggets, we did a mommy food exchange.  Now our youngest are in college and I just enjoyed our first meal delivery.  I remember why that food exchange was way out of my league.  Wynter, you have ALWAYS been an amazing cook!  Absolutely delicious, so easy to order and very reasonably priced.”

-Jean C.